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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payday online loan?

To provide you with the shortest answer we’ll say a payday loan is a way to get some extra cash without paperwork. You may think about it as a chance to receive money assistance with no hassle. Based on a location, a customer can apply for a $100 to $1000 loan. The repayment date is usually after you receive a monthly paycheck. If you're aiming to use the service next time, please keep the check you have written.

What are the general requirements for me to apply for a loan?

You need to follow some rules to use SameDayGoal wisely. Due to the current laws, we only guarantee to provide a payday loan for people at least 18 years old. You also have to show a stable income and provide a valid bank account to have the money transferred successfully. Some specific requirements can be defined by lenders.

To get a loan you’re supposed to fill an application online. Write only a real personal data, so we will treat you as a reliable borrower. After the application is being submitted, the lender will contact you as soon as possible.

How will I get money?

The application needs to be approved by SameDayGoal and the lender. After successful approval, you'll wait for some time (usually, less than 24 hours) for money to be deposited directly to a valid bank account.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow?

As said before, the minimum amount of money starts at $100. According to the country laws, we can't provide you with more than $1000 for general needs. However, each other's situation and strictly individual, and we don't treat different customers in the same way.

My request is rejected: what is the reason?

The first and a clear reason for not getting cash is that you fill out not all the information required. The second case is when you didn't prove the validity of a bank account or a level of your income. However, we can't give a 100% guarantee instead of a lender.

When is the due date of my loan?

Right after your next paycheck is received, you're supposed to repay a loan. If failed to pay a certain amount on time, we'll charge you with additional fees. Please, contact your personal lender regarding any issues you’ll experience with a loan. SameDayGoal does not take any obligations for the transactions. We just connect potential borrowers with potential lenders.

Why do you take my income into consideration?

You're supposed to have a stable job if applying for a payday loan online. Besides, the possibility of a loan is higher, when you provide a stable source of income.

Do you take into account my credit history?

As the SameDayGoal does not provide financial help, we don't require your credit score for the approval. It doesn’t matter your credit history is good or bad. You can find some aspects of what basics do you need to apply, but we simply connect you with a reliable lender. We don’t provide some additional services.

Is a faxing required?

The SameDayGoal is a paperless service, so you can save a lot of time when applying for a loan. Please, be acknowledged, that some lenders need copies of your documents sent via email.